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A unique service for a unique industry.

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For trusted, high-quality staff catering to every aspect of the equine industry, look no further than Complete Equine Staffing Solutions.

"There's something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

Complete Equine Staffing Solutions provide staff for all aspects of the equine industry with 0% finders fee

From racing and bloodstock stables, to racetracks and racetrack services including logistical staff, groundskeepers fencing and much more, if your business deals with the equine industry in any way at all we can supply the staff you need for you and your business.
We offer staff on a part-time and full time basis, however we understand the industry and the need to keep costs down so we offer a 0% finder's fee which can be discussed at anytime.
We feel we offer a unique service for a unique industry and invite any and all enquiries.

Complete Equine Staffing Solutions supply staff for, but not limited to...

The equine industry. Anything from grooms, work riders, groundskeepers, lorry drivers, admin, etc.

Breeding yards/studs, pre-training yards, livery yards, riding school yards.

Racecourses again anything from catering staff, admin, security, groundskeepers.

Companies that work in the equine industry, feed companies, fencing companies, etc.

Show jumping and eventing companies and yards.

Supplying staff for the equine industry throughout the UK

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